The Sun: An English international crosses the sea with an escort


The Sun woke up on Sunday with a new skirt mess in English football. English media reported that an international from England, whose name he avoids, was involved with an escort he finally fell in love with, which caused his girlfriend to leave him.

According to The Sun, the player in question spent huge amounts on gifts (more than 60,000 euros on jewelry, hotels …), he would harass her with messages and ask for obscene pictures to be received him while with his children. This isn’t the first time the footballer has been caught with prostitutes, but he has allegedly promised to change.

Her partner’s suspicions surfaced when she was late and “hid her phone” at home, which once came in with the smell of perfume. ”The woman, who shared her fears with friends and the Wags WhatsApp group of his team, said it was “rotten smell of flowers. ”The fraud was confirmed when he forgot his phone outside while taking a bath, and he saw the pictures and messages.

Araw added that he confronted her and admitted that he saw the woman. After a big fight, he kicked her out for a few days and moved in with her parents. But last night it was found out that it was ready to give him “one last chance”. But on one condition: You must turn on location settings in your Snapchat account so he knows where you are at all times.

Source: La Verdad


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