Real’s overall ambition


The admitted goal of the club’s sporting officials is to take a step forward next season. The last three were successful, signing three entries for Europe and a cup holder title, but in Anoeta they were proposed to throw the rest to, on the one hand, actually compete for one of the first four places. in the classification and, in the other, to get further away from the Europa League qualifiers, without forgetting the Cup. The txuri urdin club was one of the first to make its first signing, the Angers striker Mohamed-Ali Cho and with it you have already shown your credentials. He has invested 11 million euros, the fourth most expensive signing in his history and has snatched his desires from other powerful clubs such as Arsenal itself.

In addition, Real will knock on the door of a footballer like Houssem Aouarwhich the greats of Europe intended just two years ago, Dimitri Szoboszlaithe smartest Hungarian international of the last half century and other football players like Carlos Solerfrom Valencia, Gerard Deulofeuwho wants Napoli, or Bryan Gil. Probably none of the above will come, but Really tries.


Arsenal went in the last minute for the first realistic signing

Olabe He told a press conference that Real were ready to make a transfer of 20 or 25 million euros and half had already been spent initially. Getting Mohamed-Ali Chomade official this week, has adopted the ambition for which the club is conducting this transition window.
With more than 11 million invested, there is a list of teams that were disappointed to see that the 18-year-old French winger from Angers will go to Anoeta. The last to try to sign him was Arsenal, which could create doubts Cho, convinced to sign five seasons with Real. Ultimately, the Parisians said no to ‘gunners’, such as Austrian Salzburg and before Marseille and Betis. Milan tried in other transition windows.
Cho It was worth 15 million ‘Transfermarkt’ and that was the amount Angers first asked for, without enough space to negotiate since their player’s contract expired in 2023.


La Real already knows how much it will cost and what it will charge

La Real are focused on getting a midfielder, another winger and a striker if they can’t keep sorlot. One of the most preferred options is the 24 -year -old interior of Olympique de Lyon Houssem Aouara footballer with exceptional quality.
La Real already knows what it will cost to sign this player and his financial claims. As much as Rome also wanted him, in Italy they published that he would leave 20 million and his file was somewhat higher than three million net. However, Lyon had to lower their claims because, without the footballer being renewed, they had to sell him to get a slice for him. Not playing European competition punished them.
Aouar He caught the attention of the whole of Europe in that Champions League in a small format and in a bubble two years ago where Lyon captured City. The Franco-Algerian’s price rose to 55 million and aroused Barça’s interest. He is also on Arsenal’s radar. They rate him at 25 ‘kilos’.


Another ‘galactic’ is now worth 28 million euros

Dimitri Szoboszlai This can be considered another of those ‘galactic’ which the Real cannot aspire to at any other time. The club is not giving up this right -handed winger driving on the left despite the fact that the CEO of Leipzig said they had no plans to sell him, despite the fact that his coach said a few days ago that he preferred footballer to play in the Premier League and despite the fact that his current market value is stratospheric: 28 million euros.
Once he completed his obligations to Hungary last week – where he won twice in England and tied with Germany -, the player considered the best Magyar player of the last century spent his holidays in Ibiza , near several royalists who have chosen the same enclave for your recreation.
La Real has scheduled a meeting in Leipzig to discuss the signing sorlot and find out the conditions under which they will consent Szoboszlai. The Germans signed the Austrian midfielder yesterday Xavier Schlagerfrom Wolfsburg.


Contacts to find out your availability and options

The list of soccer players living on the agenda Olabe at Imanol is broad, but all the names of the players that have taken place have a striking relevance, at least on the continent of Europe. Gerard Deulofeu, Carlos Soler, Bryan Gil Y Alassane Plea They are footballers whom Real have requested and obtained information. There are others as well paul sarabiaeternal object of desire, seems like an impossible mission because of the size of the teams he wants and because his priority is to stay at PSG.
What to worry about Deulofeu, Real remained in the initial contact, although in it they gave great interest to the footballer, who could leave Udinese at almost 12 million. By Bryan Gil It was necessary to wait because, by owning a good like Tottenham, operations -in this case would be a move- would slow down.
Sa usually donegiven to her lovers, the only possibility is to wait until the end if no one decides to chase her and try.

Source: La Verdad


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