Badosa: "I am not afraid of any player"


Badosa: "I am not afraid of any player"

Paula Badosaqualifies for the third round of Wimbledonagainst the two -time Czech champion Petra KvitovaHe said, that he is not afraid of any player, but to beat anyone he needs his best version.

The Spanish beat the Romanian in two sets irina bara and added two very good matches at Wimbledon.

“Yes, I play well, serve well, the games I’ve experienced have allowed me to play my game. I’ve always wanted to rally, play in exchange. In these games I’ve done it , but the next one I can’t. What I have two games behind, I’m going to go for it. I’m going to be very aggressive, more than her. I’m ready, “she said with the in mind. third-round match against Petra Kvitova.

“I trained him on the grass and I knew what I was going to look for. I knew it would be hard against it, but I was confident that I would have my chances,” he said.

On whether she was ready to play and beat the best in the world, Badosa appealed to “the best Paula”.

“If I get my best version, yes, I’m not afraid of any player, neither Petra or those who come later. But I have to get my best version,” he added.

Source: La Verdad


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