Silvia Lloris’ Spain plays the Euro Cup final against Norway


Silvia Lloris’ Spain plays the Euro Cup final against Norway

The Murcian is the leader of the defense of a U-19 team that took down Sweden yesterday with a goal from Basque Mirari

The Spanish women’s under-19 team, led by Silvia Lloris from Murcia in the back, will play their ninth final of the Eurocup for women in the category next Saturday. The Basque Mirari Uria converted Ornella’s superb cross from the left into a goal in the 51st minute and gave Spain the victory in the semi-final against Sweden (1-0) yesterday. More was needed in a match dominated from start to finish by La Rojita, who proved to be a solid team capable of lifting their fourth continental crown. There are reasons to believe.

Spain started dominant, as during the tournament, which is held in the Czech Republic. Fiamma, Bartel and Mingueza led a superior midfield to that of the Swedes for almost the entire game and Ornella and Elexpuru were responsible for bringing danger into the area from the ends to feed Mirari with balls, in the forward position. The defence, with Silvia Lloris, an El Palmar-born player, and Martina very focused, hardly suffered. Laborde was encouraged by the right lane and Medina by the left lane. The goal was only a matter of time.

And Pedro López’s team had to be patient, because in the first half he couldn’t find a goal, no matter how hard he looked. Julia Bartel was the first to brighten up after five minutes with a shot from the edge of the area and try her luck again in the 18th minute with another good shot. Backmar, however, had confidence under the sticks. Earlier, a header from Elexpuru went wide.

La Rojita chewed on a goal that didn’t come until the second half. Mirari scored and Pedro López smiled in the tire. The plan worked after passing through the locker rooms. The final was closer. The minutes passed, Sweden wasn’t too worried and Spain barely suffered. The Spain of Silvia Lloris, player of Levante, will compete on Saturday for his fourth Euro Cup for women against Norway (3 p.m.).

Source: La Verdad


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