2-1. France beat Belgium to reach the quarterfinals


after they do England on Monday and Germany on Tuesday, France this Thursday proved its classification for the quarterfinals by defeat Belgium (2-1) at New York Stadium in Rotherham. The group is led by Corinne Diacrewho has been nominated as one of the best candidates to win the title, will enter the qualifying rounds as the leader no matter what happens on the last day of group D.

France is higher than Belgium from beginning to end is more than the rigidity of the last mark. As expected, he took the initiative in the game and although he did not know how to take advantage of the dizzying speed of his attack, also due to Belgium’s excellent tactical work in defensive tasks, the French victory was not in danger. any time.

The first goal of the match was signed by Diana for France in the 6th minute, when a service goes to the net from Karchaoui from the left. Soon, he was wounded. Katoto being a negative sun note on a French key, and although a posterior, at 36 ‘, cayman marked for Belgium re -establishing the equalizer on the scoreboard, before reaching the break France came forward again by Mbock Bathy.

In the second half, little history beyond a penalty was wasted by Renard at the last stretch, and reached the end, reigned in clear qualification (for France) 2-1.

Source: La Verdad


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