Sergeant Steven Gerrard: The amazing penalty every minute you’re late and other penalties!


If a few weeks ago some of the dimensions of the iron hand of Erik ten Hag at Manchester United were known, now it happened that Steven Gerrard He has nothing to envy the Dutch coach.

The English media echo the leak about the fines imposed by the British on Aston Villa as disciplinary and, at best, coercive measures to maintain discipline within the workforce.

Among the most, is that, for every minute that a training session is late, the footballer responsible for it must pay €237. But there’s something for everyone, because anyone who has a birthday and doesn’t remember to bring a celebration cake will pay €60 and anyone who doesn’t wear their flip-flops in the shower or leave cutlery on the table of the canteen has to pay €119 €.

This is the list of Aston Villa fines

Sergeant Gerrard

1. Arriving late to training €600
2. Forget GPS training €119
3. Late arrival at training camp €237 per minute
4. Arriving late to a meeting, outing or with the coach on match day €1,188
5. Being late for the coach €237 per minute
6. Arriving late to a meeting €237 per minute
7. Wrong match day clothing €119 per item
8. Leaving clothes on the training ground €119 per item
9. Leave plates or glasses on the canteen table €119 per item
10. Illegal parking €119
11. Arrive late for a commercial appearance €297
12. Forget the cake on your birthday €60 a day
13. Don’t wear slippers in the shower €119
14. Not reporting to doctor before 10am for new injuries or illnesses €237
15. Late arrival to physiotherapist €237
16. Leave ‘snuns’ (gum) anywhere €237
17. Forget the recovery stockings €60
18. Fined for protesting €237

In addition to this, it is said that any player who is sent off with a direct red card in Aston Villa he must invite the entire team to dinner and do so within four weeks of the day he was fired.

Gerrard hopes that all these moves, as well as the arrival of Philippe Coutinho, Diego Carlos and Boubacar Kamara, will be the impetus for the team to enter Europe next season and challenge the ‘Big Six’.

Source: La Verdad


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