Arrest in Favoriten – Vienna: Man (53) returns after arguing with ax


A neighbor dispute got out of hand in Vienna on Tuesday afternoon. After a battle of words, a 53-year-old suspect briefly left the scene. He probably didn’t want to calm the situation down because he came back with a scary utensil…

The scene of the dispute was Dampfgasse in the Favoriten district. A dispute arose between the suspect from Hungary and two men aged 37 and 67. The 53-year-old initially withdrew after the verbal confrontation, but is said to have returned a little later – and had an ax with him. With this he threatened the two men, who then fled, according to the police.

The 53-year-old was temporarily detained at the scene and the ax secured. The suspected Hungarian was temporarily banned from arms and partially confessed during the interrogation. He was subsequently released and reported.

Source: Krone


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