Fight for bridges – village “liberated”: Kiev reports successes in the south


The Ukrainian army has completely taken the small town of Andriyivka in Kherson Oblast in the south of the country. “Andriyivka has been liberated and finally acquitted of the Russian occupier,” the spokesman for the “South” command center of the Ukrainian troops, Vladyslaw Nazarov, said Tuesday evening.

While forces loyal to Moscow continue to take the initiative in the east of the country, Kiev has now launched counter-attacks in the south. A few days ago, according to Nazarov, Ukrainian troops also recaptured the neighboring town of Losowe.

Bridges at the heart of the battles
However, the battles are still mainly fought by means of artillery on supply lines. The military administration deployed by Moscow in the Kherson region reported another shelling of a bridge over the Dnipro River. The 1.4-kilometer-long car bridge in the regional capital Kherson is still intact, an administration spokesman said Wednesday evening. However, he later acknowledged that the bridge was damaged and closed to traffic.

The bridges are strategically important because the Dnipro carries a lot of water and is therefore difficult to cross. The primary objective of the Ukrainian army is to push the occupying Russian forces back to the line behind the Dnipro. To that end, they are trying, among other things, to close off the supply lines using the US-supplied Himar rocket launchers.

Attack on Kharkov and other areas
Meanwhile, according to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform, six people were injured in a Russian attack on the city of Kharkov on Wednesday morning. Shelling was also reported on Nikopol and Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region during the night.

Source: Krone


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