Fernando Alonso blows out 41 candles where it all started


The oldest driver on the grid is celebrating his birthday this Friday, in a sweet moment and on the track where he took his first win

There are many Formula 1 fans who do not understand this sport without the presence of Fernando Alonso. It’s been a constant over the past two decades, and while he sees it gradually becoming the latest rendition of past times, for something more civilized and epic, he continues to pursue the dream of proclaiming himself a three-time world champion. On July 29, 1981, the best Spanish driver of all time on a track was born in Oviedo. His only national comparison is Carlos Sainz Cenamor, the ‘Matador’, father of Alonso’s natural heir, both in lineage and progression. The two-time Formula 1 world champion will be celebrating his 41st birthday next Friday in a strange situation, and not exactly before reaching that active age.

Alonso is in a moment of existential doubt. While he feels fitter than ever and shows that race after race – his start in the French GP last Sunday was much discussed – age is not just a state of mind. The topic this time runs into the intention of Otmar Szafnauer, head of the Alpine team, to prioritize the option of raising Oscar Piastri rather than renewing the Spaniard. The situation remains strange. A driver who puts in a great performance – he has scored points in seven consecutive races – and who should be in first place among the candidates to continue in the team, his future is not guaranteed.

Alonso confessed on Thursday at the Hungaroring that everything will be decided after the summer. Both sides, Alpine and Alonso, have to think about what suits them. The Asturian is in a zone of relative comfort (better what is poorly known) and the team has a driver who knows all the mechanics and who can give them that ‘extra’ that is missing from a completely new driver in Formula 1. About him paper, both the team and the driver have arguments to do what they want. As the tongue twister says, “When Prieto squeezes me, I squeeze Prieto too.”

The party in the Alpine team this Friday before the free practice for the Hungarian GP will certainly taste bittersweet. The Asturian and the team maintain a certain heartbeat that is not to everyone’s taste, especially the fans. Alonso has not added fuel to the heat of the rumours, which will not cease in the coming months, although a spot has opened up at Aston Martin for which the Spaniard has already sounded. Would Alonso play it for his last dance in Formula 1?

Alonso is one of the drivers who has a lot to say in this last weekend before the summer holidays. The Spaniard left a pretty good feeling when he visited Paul Ricard, although it remains to be seen whether he will also be able to score points at the track where he took the first of his 32 Formula 1 victories. a circuit of pleasant memory In 2021, Esteban Ocon managed to debut his record in the ‘big circus’, thanks in large part to the work of Alonso himself, who left a memorable defense against Lewis Hamilton. The Brit is another one to claim his position this weekend. Mercedes has made tremendous progress from the start of the season, with a suspicious improvement not only in terms of performance, but also in sensations related to the ‘porpoise’.

But those who have to give their breasts are undoubtedly the ones responsible for Ferrari. After Charles Leclerc’s debacle at Paul Ricard, both the Monegask and Carlos Sainz need a morale boost against Max Verstappen, who is willing to show the championship for penalty, if not already. Whatever happens, the Dutchman will leave Hungarian countries as the outstanding leader of the general classification, so on his side the job is done.

Source: La Verdad


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