How to start the car with tweezers when the battery is empty?


This tool cannot be used in any way as a bad connection can cause serious damage to the vehicle’s electronics.

poor maintenance, the passage of timeor the effects of exposing the car to sun, saltpeter, sand and moisture, with the arrival of rain and low temperatures, we may have the unpleasant surprise that our car will not start because there has been no battery.

The most far-sighted motorists can carry a handy pair of tweezers in the trunk. However, this tool cannot be used in any way, as a bad connection can cause serious damage to the vehicle’s electronics. As Rubén Fidalgo explains from Autocasión, it is especially important
that you take into account the order to be followed when connecting and disconnecting the cables from the negative and positive poles, otherwise you may cause a serious malfunction. The clamps must be of good quality, with thick cables, and in perfect condition. The normal (and necessary) one is that they have two colors, red for the positive pole and black for the negative, so you don’t make a serious mistake. cars
should not touch each other. The only connection between the two vehicles is made with the clamps.

With both covers open, check which are the negative and positive terminals. Then, with the engines stopped,
insert the positive terminal first on the one hand in the battery of the uncharged car and on the other hand in the positive terminal of the charged car. Then first connect the negative terminal to the negative terminal of the charged car and connect the other end to the negative terminal of the empty car battery.

in vehicles
with smart charge sensor, it is advisable not to place the negative terminal exactly on the same negative terminal of the battery. You have to look for a more remote place than usual the manufacturers already allow. From the RACC, they recommend being very careful not to leave the clamps on top of the batteries while doing this process as it can be very dangerous. The positive clip should never be left anywhere on the vehicle during handling.

Once the clamps are in the right place, you should start the car with the battery in good condition and then you should start the car that has failed. then you should
just go the other way from what you did to put them in, starting with removing the negative from the assisted car.

Source: La Verdad


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