This is how the cones work that prevent accidents on roads under construction


According to the DGT, more than 10,000 roadworks are carried out annually generating more than 100,000 traffic management incidents, i.e. traffic closures, lane narrowings or diversions that must be signaled. According to data from the National Register of Traffic Accident Victims, in 2021 there were 158 traffic accidents related to maintenance and maintenance works on the roads, of which 17 involved operators working or walking on the road or its surroundings as pedestrians.

Of these 17 victims, 2 were killed after being run over by a vehicle that was either traveling over the works stretch at too high a speed compared to the specific limit set for that stretch, or the driver of which was distracted. Maintenance personnel and maintenance personnel in their vehicles were involved in the remaining 141 traffic accidents on parts of the works.

To prevent this type of accident with casualties, Serveo and Netun solutions have piloted a new technological solution that will reduce the number of accidents on the road.

This tool was tested on a section of the M-110 road in Madrid. The system, which consists of smart cones and a new technological solution, makes it possible to automatically trigger a traffic incident in the traffic control centers, sharing information about the road condition in real time. For example, they warn of the proximity of a part of the track where maintenance work is taking place.

The implementation of this system at the head of a work makes it possible to notify the nearby variable information panels, as well as the vehicles approaching them, of the presence of obstacles, increasing the safety of users and workers, all this for improving traffic management, preventing traffic jams and better guidance for infrastructure users. This new device thus improves road safety, both for drivers using the road and for operators working on its maintenance.

Road safety on Spanish roads is a priority objective. In the past year 2021, 158 traffic accidents related to maintenance and maintenance works on the roads were recorded. With these new devices, the risk of an accident can be minimized by having enough information in advance to make a decision that is compatible with one’s own road safety and that of other road users.

Source: La Verdad


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