Audience raved – “Pussy Riot” revolted against Putin in Salzburg


The jazz festival in Saalfelden (Salzburg) takes a clear stand on the war in Ukraine. The performance of the Kremlin-critical band “Pussy Riot” was one of the highlights of the series of events.

With an ankle bracelet, “Pussy Riot” activist Maria “Masha” Alyokhina took the stage of the Kunsthaus Nexus in Saalfelden on Saturday evening. Not a prop or even an accessory. “Masha disguised herself as a food delivery boy to escape house arrest in Russia so she could be here today,” said the band’s producer Vasily Bogatov.

The 34-year-old is aware that this will have repercussions when she returns home. But: “There is no freedom if you don’t fight for it every day”, she sings in Russian with her three band members. A video is playing in the background. It shows the arrest of the band during their performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow in 2012. There is an attentive silence in the audience. Without the electronic punk music you would hear a pin drop.

The other concerts were much livelier. Jason Moran and the “Trondheim Jazz Orchestra” rocked the sold-out congress in Saalfelden. Meanwhile, the French trio “Nout” strummed the strings in an abandoned factory building a few blocks away.

Source: Krone


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