Biden calls Trumpism a ‘threat to democracy’


President, in address to the nation, denounces the risk the United States poses due to the extremism of Republicans who support his predecessor

In a prime-time political speech in Pennsylvania on Thursday, US President Joe Biden denounced the “threat to democracy” posed by the extremism of Trumpist Republicans. On his second trip to the state in three days, the president called on the “soul of the nation” next to the legendary Hall of Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park in an intervention that reflected the urgency of what the White House sees as an existential risk. in the country.

The speech, which has been labeled “important”, is part of the fundamental struggle to correct political direction with less than 10 weeks left before the November parliamentary elections. In Biden’s words, it is a battle in which Americans are playing for the position of the United States in the world and its democracy.

The focus of the speech was a reissue of his campaign slogan for the 2020 presidential election to consolidate a national coalition, similar to the one that brought the Democrats to power, to stem the rise of the anti-democratic movement and curtailment of freedoms in the United States. the country such as voting rights and abortion, among others.

Biden went out of his way to warn of the threat to democracy by extremist Republicans and their electoral denial, a move that does not recognize free and fair elections, as well as their growing rhetoric of resorting to violence when the voting system does not favor them.

The November 8 election will be crucial as Democrats fight to retain their starving majorities in Congress and Senate. The battle will be decisive in the swing states and in the heavily Republican states, where new voter restriction laws and intimidation of election workers bring unprecedented complications.

Biden, who, despite unresolved issues with his predecessor, has so far deliberately avoided investigations surrounding the former president, has stepped up attacks on extremist Republicans and even directly on Trump in recent weeks. The Democratic president has become increasingly explicit in his allusions after barely mentioning him during his first year in office, referring to him as “the ex-husband” rather than by name.

At a rally in Maryland last week, Biden called Trumpism extremists a “death sentence,” pointing out that it’s not just Trump, but his entire philosophy. Biden even called the movement “semi-fascism.”

The White House chief this year celebrated his administration’s legislative advances, such as the passing of gun control legislation, a victory over the National Rifle Association, and emphasized his intention to ban assault rifles in the country. He also highlighted the new standard recently approved to reduce inflation and curb climate change, which will boost green energy adoption and cut CO2 emissions by 40%.

Parallel to Biden’s speech, Trump’s Florida legal team returned to court again as part of their legal dispute against the Justice Department. They demand the appointment of an independent magistrate to decide whether the top-secret documents seized by the FBI can be used as evidence against the former president. It’s not clear how a judge will be able to establish a criterion for deciding on top-secret material beyond the reach of most officials, including the FBI’s own investigators. Still, the former president’s lawyers insisted that “it should be no cause for concern” that the documents were in the hands of their client.

In another blow to Trump, the House Oversight and Reform Committee announced it had finally received key financial documents from Trump, following a years-long legal battle by the former president to prevent it. The agency is investigating the unprecedented conflict of interest, the business for its own benefit and the former president’s financial ties to the outside world.

The documents, obtained in a settlement with Trump and his accounting firm, Mazars USA, will allow Congress to fully investigate Trump’s problematic behavior and implement reforms that would prevent future presidents from misusing their power for personal gain. .

Source: La Verdad


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