Limited to February – A1, Drei, Magenta: free calls in earthquake zones


Austrian mobile phone providers A1, Drei and Magenta offer free calls to the Syrian and Turkish earthquake zones. The offer is limited to February 15 (Three) or February 28 (Magenta, A1).

A1 announced on Thursday that from Friday to the end of February all calls to Turkey and Syria will be free, both mobile and fixed. This applies to all brands in the A1 network, such as bob, yesss! and Red Bull Mobile.

At Drei and its sub-brands Eety and Lidl Connect, all mobile calls and texts between February 6 and February 15 will be credited to the next or next bill.

Magenta, for its part, announced in February that customers will be able to call and write messages to Turkey and Syria for free. This includes both mobile and fixed, business and private customers.

Tens of thousands more victims were feared
More than 19,000 deaths have been reported in Turkey and Syria since Thursday. Among the many collapsed buildings, tens of thousands more earthquake victims are feared. There are also about 70,000 injured. The bitter cold in the region and the political situation in civil war-torn Syria further exacerbate the situation.

There is only one open border crossing from Turkey through which aid supplies can reach northern Syria. The first aid convoy did not arrive there until Thursday. The World Health Organization (WHO) fears that up to 23 million people could be affected by the earthquake. Examples include homelessness and diseases such as cholera that can become an epidemic.

As reported, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake shook the Turkish-Syrian border area on Monday morning. Another magnitude 7.6 earthquake followed in the same region on Monday afternoon.

Source: Krone


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