Call for financial help – gas price explosion puts thousands of jobs at risk


Call for financial help – gas price explosion puts thousands of jobs at risk

Staff cuts and short-time working are already planned in the industry. The call for quick financial aid is not only getting louder here.

The nervousness of domestic companies is increasing: Because the current absurdly high wholesale prices for electricity and gas create burdens that many will no longer be able to handle in the coming months.

“It is a disaster if energy costs suddenly amount to ten million euros instead of one,” says industry chairman Georg Knill.

Several companies already have plans for short-time work or the dismissal of employees. It needs to be helped quickly.

This must be done using two tools:

  • A energy cost subsidy 450 million euros have been promised for this year. However, there is an upper limit of 400,000 euros per application. That’s a drop in the ocean. Some 7,000 “energy-intensive” companies only want money for gas. Knill is therefore arguing for an increase to € 2.5 billion and a substantial increase in the financing limit.
  • This includes the so-called “Electricity Price Compensation” extended. In Germany, something similar has already been approved until 2030 (!). That is 235 million euros for us, which this year will go to the 60 largest consumers who also buy CO2 certificates.

“Of course we want solutions to be found at European level so that energy prices do not explode. But until then, we need help from the state,” Knill explains.

Source: Krone


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