Baltic Sea Mission – Crashed Cessna: Quest Continued with Drones


After the mysterious crash of an Austrian-registered plane licensed to a German company in the Baltic Sea, rescuers continue their search for the plane and its missing occupants. Drones will also be deployed on Tuesday to search underwater. According to authorities, there were four people on board the Cessna 551 that crashed off the coast of Latvia.

Ships of the Latvian Navy and the Border Guard are used for searches at sea. On Monday, a drone from the European Maritime Safety Agency was also involved in the work. According to the Latvian authorities, a total of eleven fragments of the crashed machine have been found so far. There is still no trace of the prisoners.

Company founder Peter Griesemann sat in the cockpit of the machine, the system engineering company Griesemann from Wesseling near Cologne confirmed on Monday evening. Also on board were his wife, their daughter and their friend.

Flying blind over half of Europe
The private plane, which was registered to an airline of the Griesemann family, flew on Sunday from Jerez in southern Spain to Cologne over the Baltic Sea. There it plunged into the sea in the evening off the coast west of the Latvian port city of Ventspils. Communication with the Cessna 551 was interrupted for a long time before the accident.

According to the Griesemann company, it has more than 1,600 employees in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. It produces, among other things, lightning protection systems. The current boss of the company is the founder’s son, who retired in 2015.

Source: Krone


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