New York Threatens to Be Responsible for Democrats’ Loss of House


The internal wars almost caused the historic bastion to go to the Republican side by losing four representatives in the state

If, when all the votes are counted, the Democrats lose the House, as expected, they will have to hold their co-religionists to account in the country’s main stronghold, New York. The Republican Party needed five seats to win Nancy Pelosi’s mace and has taken four from upstate New York — three on Long Island and one in the Hudson Valley.

As the whole world looked to the rural and conservative corners of the country, the dreaded red tide engulfed some of the most unexpected areas. It was as if Hurricane Sandy flooded New York City, surprised that it had never been hit by a weather phenomenon like this before. In victory all is joy, but in defeat the blame is shared, and the New York Democrats do it within their own party.

It’s not just Republicans who will be drowning in internal wars in the coming months, deciding whether Donald Trump was to blame, abortion cost them the election, or how to deal with the powerful far right now. In the Big Apple, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already called for the resignation of party chairman Jay Jacob. The Democratic party is the one that lost Congress, not the Republican party that won it, he believes. “What happened in New York is a blatant anomaly,” he told The Intercept on Thursday, shortly after the president, Joe Biden, celebrated the results at a news conference as “a good day for democracy.”

The most famous congresswoman on the left claims to sit in the front row to see what’s happening in her party. “New York has been gutted from the inside out,” he accused on Twitter. “It’s been a year since I asked for Jacob’s resignation and I still do.”

The 33-year-old deputy believes her party was more concerned with suffocating the left than supporting it in its campaigns. Rather than show a united voice in the face of police brutality and civilian insecurity, the incumbent candidates poured millions of dollars into campaigns opposing Black Lives Matter slogans and the proposal to “degrade the police.”

They inadvertently amplified the story of the Republicans, who blamed them for the rise in crime and cornered themselves to defend themselves by falling into the spiral of bleak ads featuring horror music and violent scenes that voters have seen in recent weeks. continuously affected.

“The way those campaigns have been run is very different from how the winners have been run in this country,” the congresswoman accused. “And I think the role of the state party has strong implications at the national level. If the Democrats don’t keep the House of Representatives, the responsibility rests entirely with New York State,” he warned.

Evidence that the blue wall failed against the red tide is that Governor Kathy Hochul came to see her reelection in trouble. All the heavyweights of the party rushed to her defense. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Vice President Kamala Harris and even the President himself, Joe Biden. The party apparatus pulled on the unions to mobilize the vote en masse, ultimately giving him the win over Long Island Republican congressman Lee Zeldin by just four points.

Still, the turnout of New Yorkers registered to vote in the city of skyscrapers was only 36%, compared to 44% in the previous midterm elections. Rather, in the rest of the state it was very similar to 2018, meaning most rural residents were afraid to correct something that isn’t happening in their habitat, but in the city, or in TV commercials.

If Hochul wasn’t short on party heavyweights, Brooklyn State Representative Iwen Chu, who campaigned in English and Mandarin, said she hadn’t gotten a single county Democratic Party volunteer to knock on the door of her voters. At the forefront of that decision was Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, a former Bill Clinton adviser who calls himself a centrist and who had the support of the Police Benevolent Association during the primaries to beat his opponent with hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising. , a progressive named Alexandra Biaggi, whom he called a “radical anti-police extremist.”

His uniformed allies turned against him in the general election, giving Republican Mike Lawler the victory. It is the first time in 30 years that the Democratic Party’s Congressional Campaign Committee chairman has lost his own seat when his job was to provide candidates with the means to win their races.

Maloney also took advantage of his position to switch districts in the reclassification brought about by the new census. This drove his African-American co-religionist Mondaire Jones, who had grown up in the area’s public housing and was especially loved, out of the area, outraging voters.

Congresswoman Malonie admitted his defeat on Wednesday. “The right thing is to admit that my rival has won,” he said. It is not the mea culpa that Ocasio-Cortez expects, nor will it be sufficient to explain in the next two years how the various ideological factions can be united in the face of the 2024 presidential election.

Source: La Verdad


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