State of Emergency Declared – Texas Sends Migrants on Buses to Washington


For months, Republican governors of Texas and Arizona have been sending buses carrying migrants to Democratic-led metropolises across the United States. Republicans want to unburden their own infrastructure while putting pressure on President Joe Biden’s administration to campaign for tougher immigration policies. Due to the many arrivals in Washington DC, a state of emergency has now been declared.

Mayor Muriel Bowser also announced that due to the “ongoing humanitarian crisis”, a new coordination center will be opened to better support people on arrival. The District of Columbia will initially provide ten million dollars (about ten million euros) and then ask for reimbursement from the federal government. The declaration of a state of emergency could divert federal funds.

Bowser responds to ongoing conflict with Republican governors of Texas and Arizona on the border with Mexico. In the spring, the governors began transporting migrants from the border areas to Washington, New York and Chicago to hand over responsibility to the democratically-run cities.

Is Texas Threatening Its Own Strict Policy?
More than 9,000 migrants have reportedly arrived on buses in Washington alone. “With this plan, we are staying true to our values ​​and building a system that supports a compassionate, consistent and well-coordinated response,” Bowser said.

While Texas Governor Greg Abbott actually wants to curb immigration to his state, free US transportation could even encourage illegal border crossings. “You’ve launched a program that you’d be guaranteed to oppose had it been proposed by a Democrat,” the aid agency Central American Resource Center noted critically.

Source: Krone


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