Against the trend – The landlord where the beer is now cheaper


In times of sky-high costs, this cup is balm for the soul. While everything is getting more expensive, an innkeeper from Rutzenham in Upper Austria does just the opposite: he significantly reduces the price of the “Halfe”. While he will earn next to nothing from the switch, the campaign isn’t about the money either.

Alfons Baldinger is an innkeeper with heart and soul. The 54-year-old has been running the “Zum Alfons” brewery in Rutzenham since 1998, which mainly serves home-cooked food and home-brewed beer. “We also offer beer schnapps, beer whiskey, beer bacon, beer chocolate and beer honey,” says Baldinger and laughs. Although – he has almost stopped laughing in the face of the galloping wave of inflation.

Source: Krone


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