Fear of poverty – inflation now more feared than climate change


The climate crisis is seen as a real threat by a clear majority in Austria, but other crises are currently driving even more fear: some nine in ten respondents are concerned about rising energy and food prices, headline inflation due to high inflation and the crisis. 77 percent fear an increase in poverty in the country. Global 2000 reported that two-thirds are currently concerned about the climate.

On Friday, on the eve of another global climate strike, environmentalists presented the results of a survey (Ideal Barometer) with the P&B communications agency. In the “worry ranking”, climate is behind fears about the economic situation, social mood and political climate, according to a press conference in Vienna. About 70 percent are concerned about these issues.

Environmental protection important to 83 percent
Environmental and climate protection is important for 83 percent of the population. In everyday life, however, other topics are currently more relevant: energy prices and, for example, the fear that you or someone close to you is at risk of poverty.

However, 81 percent remain convinced “we are destroying our planet”, and 77 percent believe “action must be taken now, otherwise it will be too late”. 90 percent believe that every individual can contribute. In their own opinion, two-thirds of those surveyed already do a lot for the climate and the environment. Nearly half showed “moderate willingness” to limit themselves in the future. A quarter even admitted to stricter restrictions.

Majority wants further efforts
86 percent believe the climate crisis can only be stopped through global efforts. However, just under a quarter think that enough is already being done in Austria. About two-thirds believe that politicians and business representatives “are not taking the issue seriously enough”.

Global 2000 climate spokesman Johannes Wahlmüller sees a mandate for action. “It is also important to show the benefits of solutions. The energy transition in Austria is feasible, affordable and makes us independent of energy imports. Climate protection is the answer to many of the crises people are currently facing.” According to the survey, the corona pandemic is currently worrying 30.5 percent of those surveyed. 55.9 percent are concerned about crime.

Source: Krone


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