Love is blind – Academics have transferred a fortune to prostitutes


Apparently deeply in love, a respectable older gentleman dug deep in his pocket for a 34-year-old’s supposedly made-up stories. Now the lady stood before the Innsbruck Regional Court for serious commercial fraud. She spoke more of “gifts”.

Love is really blind sometimes. An educated older gentleman will probably have admitted this to himself eventually. Because the academic met a Romanian (34) in a red light district. After a few weeks, the hour-by-hour lovemaking turned into a kind of relationship.

“He fell in love with her and it was about a common existence,” said the lawyer at the court. His client was charged with trade fraud, because according to the indictment she took more than 300,000 euros from the pocket of the cheerful old gentleman.

Prosecutor speaks of various pretexts
“The money was for work,” the blonde 34-year-old referred to the sexual services. However, she did not deny that she (also) told different stories before the transfers. These included about 52,000 euros for an apartment in Romania, 25,000 euros for an alleged tumor operation on the suspect’s father and 50,000 to 70,000 euros for a hair salon – a kind of lifelong dream for the woman.

Money would have ended up with the pimp
The suspect defended himself by saying that the money had not gone directly to her (“I don’t have an account”). But to a friend who in turn had to give the money to the 34-year-old’s pimp. Overall, this pimp would have been the idea generator behind the excessive demands. Her “Schatzi” is old, but a good person.

The woman only vaguely answered Judge Andreas Mair’s questions, sometimes answering something completely different. Therefore, despite their claims to the contrary, it had to be assumed that there was insufficient language proficiency. Negotiations will continue in October with the help of an interpreter.

Source: Krone


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