This is how a scam works – Interpol captures Mallorca’s rental car shark


Anyone who has ever rented a car from Autoclick in Mallorca could have driven a vehicle that wasn’t even owned by the rental company. Now the owner has been caught by international investigators from Interpol in Taiwan. The damage would amount to around 50 million euros. The car rental company in general is a hotly contested business: Here’s how to tell when you’re getting ripped off on vacation.

The man’s name is Salvador Llinàs Oñate and according to the Spanish Guardia Civil, he and his siblings would have defrauded the 50 million euros by selling cars that did not even belong to him. He had been on the run for four years and now Interpol strikes in Taiwan. According to “Diario de Mallorca”, the Spanish authorities are now preparing a request for extradition to Spain.

Source: Krone


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