Driver convicted – three dead after ghost drive on Westautobahn


A head-on crash on the Westautobahn near St. Pölten in April last year left three people dead and five seriously injured. The driver of the accident was now charged with death by gross negligence in court.

“It was the most terrible thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” a 54-year-old recalled the night of April 25, 2021. The family man was on his way from Belgium to Belgium with his son and wife Romania. Well after midnight, a car suddenly approached them on the western autobahn near St. Pölten. Then the father falls silent. The sad result of the ghost tour: three dead and two seriously injured. The Romanian’s 50-year-old wife was one of the fatalities.

Ghost driver doesn’t want to drive
Now the driver of the accident – a 22-year-old Albanian – had to answer to the regional court of St. Pölten for death by gross negligence and negligent bodily harm. He couldn’t remember anything. He was on his way to Germany with three compatriots. They took a break at the Völlerndorf gas station, where he fell asleep in the back seat of the car and only regained consciousness in the hospital. But he does know one thing: “I didn’t drive!”

testimonials in the trial
Eyewitnesses and rescuers paint a different picture: the suspect sat on the floor next to the driver’s door and shouted loudly for help. His passenger and another Albanian were killed in the wreckage. According to a first responder, one of the victims was found partially in the back seat on the driver’s side – refuting the defendant’s protests. The 54-year-old Romanian also clearly identified the suspect as the driver of the accident. Then all the memory gaps didn’t help: 16 months suspended prison sentence – not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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