Assault – Bad Suspicion in Graz . Kindergarten


In the municipal kindergarten on Schönbrunngasse in Graz, a child has been suspected of having been sexually abused by a caregiver in recent weeks. This suspicion was reported by the police to the relevant institution on Wednesday. The preliminary investigation into the full clarification of the case is currently underway.

The city of Graz has already taken the necessary steps as operator of the kindergarten. The suspect has been fired and will no longer work in childcare until the matter is finally clarified. It is the presumption of innocence.

Extraordinary parents evening
Kindergarten parents were notified as soon as possible. On Friday evening there was a special parents’ evening in the institution. In addition to Councilor for Education Kurt Hohensinner and department head Günter Fürntratt, Yvonne Seidler, head of the Hazissa department (prevention of (sexual) violence) was also on site to guide the parents as best as possible.

psychological guidance
This will also guide the nursery team and the parents in the processing in the coming days and weeks. In addition, the parents of all children in the affected kindergarten receive psychological counseling to help them cope with this difficult situation.

Source: Krone


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