Is it possible to accumulate unemployment after voluntary leave?


The Unemployment benefit This is a great relief for all those who are internally unemployed. However, there are situations when an employee requests a Voluntary release Before release. This causes great inconvenience, which, in addition to losing the right possible compensationYou lose too The right to apply for unemployment benefits.

The .Social security Offers this help to people who can not find or do not have a job. And from SEPE They do not believe that the person who caused the voluntary sick leave meets these requirements.

Can I accumulate unemployment by requesting voluntary dismissal?

In case of voluntary dismissal or voluntary dismissal you will not have the right Get Unemployment Allowance. According to the legislation, in order to receive the unemployment benefit, it will be necessary to take sick leave unintentionally.

According to the SEPE website itself: “The unemployment protection system protects working people who want and can work but are unemployed.” And this is not the case with the person who quit the job.

If you continue to work for a new company but are terminated by an employer at the discretion of the probationary period, you will also not receive unemployment benefits unless three months have elapsed since the voluntary termination of the previous company. .

When can I accumulate unemployment in these cases?

However, there is a possibility Collect unemployment Despite leaving the service. For this, the interested party will have to enter another service and three months after the voluntary termination, the company will terminate the contract by exceeding the probation period.

In these cases, it could be Apply for unemployment benefit. Of course, it will be necessary to meet the requirements and at least three months after the challenge of voluntary withdrawal.

Nevertheless, each case is considered specifically to determine whether there are any signs that would allow the presumption of legal fraud in the last contract to be established, i.e., all procedures were performed incorrectly to receive unemployment benefits after a voluntary illness.

Source: El Diario


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