Police looking for witnesses – Armed robbery: four suspects on the run


An armed robbery took place near the train station in Vienna-Floridsdorf on Saturday evening. The murder weapon: a gun. All four suspects are still on the run.

An 18-year-old alerted police shortly after midnight after he was allegedly robbed by four unidentified men on Franklinstrasse. Police said one of the suspects threatened him with a gun and demanded money. When he gave the money to the stranger, all four fled in the direction of Kinzerplatz.

Police ask for information
No one was injured as a result of the incident. An immediate search has so far been unsuccessful. The investigations are underway. Police are seeking additional information from potential witnesses.

  • Suspect 1: approx. 170 cm, thick, dark eyes, dressed in black, with black balaclava, foreign origin
  • Suspect 2: approx. 175 cm, medium build, black full beard, black hair, dark clothing, foreign origin
  • Suspect 3: over 183 cm tall, slim, long red beard, dark clothing, foreign origin
  • Suspect 4: over 183 cm tall, slim, darkly dressed, of foreign descent

Source: Krone


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