Help for refugees – Innsbruck: Activists occupy an empty house


Countless people expressed their dissatisfaction with the many empty living spaces in Tyrol on Saturday morning. The activists of “Pradl for everyone!” therefore occupied the old Hotel Alpinpark on Pradlerstraße and chanted their demands.

“Rooms instead of tents” – could be read from afar on a poster on the corner of the building. The movement “Pradl for everyone!” climbs the barricades because of the many tents, barracks and containers for refugees.

“While refugees have to live in mass accommodations and tent camps, every tenth apartment in Innsbruck is empty. The occupation wants to open up empty living space and make it accessible to the homeless or people who have to live in appalling conditions. Because Tyrol has space.”

The demands of the activists are clear: rooms or apartments for everyone in Austria, free choice of accommodation and freedom of movement. In addition, access to the camps is demanded for everyone: “Refugees must be able to receive visitors and their living conditions must not be withheld from civil society.”

The squatted hotel was bought by a project developer in 2020 and intended for luxury homes. “Instead of realizing social housing, the city approved a redevelopment at the time. Again, profit is more important than people,” the activists said.

According to initial information, the protest should have been peaceful.

Exchange with builder
The movement’s Twitter account says they are in contact with the property developer. This apparently confirmed that there were already considerations to use the hotel as a refugee residence. “According to the developer, the city of Innsbruck has rejected the hotel due to the need for renovation. As a result, the developer apparently invested nothing to make the building usable for refugees.

Source: Krone


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