The repression of the Iranian regime brings the death toll in the protests to 336


The NGO Human Rights Activists News Agency confirms that at least 52 of the deceased are minors

The wave of protests that erupted in Iran since September 16, when 22-year-old Kurdish girl Mahsa Amini died after being detained by moral police for improperly wearing the veil, continues fiercely almost two months later. The violent repression of the Ayatollah regime has only exacerbated the general sense of outrage among citizens, who have been taking to the streets for weeks to protest the situation in honor of Amini. Since then, the arrests have only increased, but so have the deaths.

Figures vary slightly between the NGOs denouncing the evolution of events in Iran, but they all agree that the number of fatalities exceeds 300. According to the latest assessment of the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) , based in the United States, the figure is 336, 52 of them minors and another 39 members of the security forces.

For its part, the NGO Iran Human Rights, based in Norway, raises the death toll to 326, 43 of whom are minors. The organization points out that these deaths have occurred in 22 provinces of the country, mainly in Sistan and Balochistan (123 victims), Tehran (33), Mazandaran, Kurdistan and Gilan.

However, the official version offers more numbers. Specifically, media related to the Ayatollah regime reported about 40 deaths. As for the detainees, HRANA reports that at least 15,000 people have been detained since the protests broke out. In this period, some 900 demonstrations have been held in nearly 140 cities. Two of them are Spanish – Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares asked for their release yesterday – and seven are French, as confirmed by the French government.

On the other hand, 11 people have been charged with the murder by lynching a paramilitary amid the wave of protests that have been shaking Iran since September. The event took place on the 3rd in Karaj, west of the capital. According to the authorities’ statements, collected by the Mizan judicial body, the paramilitary, identified as Sayed Ruholá Ajamian, was “clearing a road unarmed when a mob attacked him with knives and stones”.

Source: La Verdad


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