Children also sentenced – 55-year-old mother had her husband killed in Brazil


A prominent Brazilian woman is behind bars for inciting her husband’s murder – some of the mother of 55’s children have also been convicted of involvement in the contract killing. Flordelis dos Santos de Souza had her much younger husband shot by one of her sons in 2019 – the 61-year-old had previously tried to poison the victim with cyanide several times.

Recently, an incredible murder case was tried in Brazil: a pastor, gospel singer and former member of parliament was tried for the murder of her husband Anderson do Carmo and sentenced to 50 years and 28 days in prison. The preacher was only 42 years old.

Also four children of the main defendants behind bars
It is one of the most sensational crimes and trials in Brazil’s history. The 61-year-old had hired her own son Flavio as an assassin. He knocked Do Carmo down with about 30 shots just as he got home. The shooter was sentenced to 33 years in prison. Her daughter Simone was sentenced to more than 31 years for involvement in the attempted murder. The adoptive brother Lucas Cézar was sentenced to seven years in prison for helping to buy the murder weapon. Four other people were involved in the assassination plot, including a biological and an adopted son of the politician.

Money and power as a motive for murder
The main defendant had always protested her innocence in court. She claimed the crime was committed by people who wanted to protect her from alleged sexual and physical abuse at the hands of the evangelical minister. The judge did not believe this account. The murder, disguised as a robbery, was previously committed for financial reasons. The victim managed the family fund and gave preferential treatment to some relatives. Another motive was the power over the jointly established evangelical church community.

55 children, most of them adopted
Flordelis had met her husband, who was 16 years her junior, when he was still a teenager. She had taken him in as a son and later married him. The couple is best known for having 55 children, most of whom were adopted and were previously street children who survived a massacre. Floredelis was considered a devoted mother and was therefore very successful as a politician. The defense has announced that it will appeal the verdict.

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