Angry speech in Beirut – Hezbollah boss: war “Palestinian struggle”


The head of Lebanon’s radical Islamist Hezbolla militia, Hassan Nasrallah, insulted Israel and praised Hamas in a speech. But he wants to keep his terrorist group out of the conflict for the time being: he declared the war in Gaza a ‘Palestinian struggle’.

The good news came from Lebanon on Friday: the Shia militia Hezbollah, which is on the side of the Sunni Hamas in the Gaza Strip against the common enemy Israel, but is much superior to it militarily, will at least stay out of the war. provisional. Their fighters in southern Lebanon will not fire the estimated 150,000 rockets at their disposal for the time being. Or only in a highly controlled form, so as not to provoke Israel into a massive counterattack.

Canonized ‘martyrs’.
In his long-awaited speech, Hezbollah boss Hassan Nasrallah railed against the Zionist arch-enemy, praised the holy war against Israel, the necessary resistance, sanctified the “martyrs” who have given and will give their lives in the struggle, and expressed his condolences to all other Arab victims – but the response from Lebanon could only come later, according to Nasrallah. A very frothy speech of anger.

A survey had previously been published in a Hezbollah-affiliated newspaper in which more than 60 percent of respondents spoke out against Lebanon, which was already so badly affected, joining the war. The rejection is even greater among Christians and Druze. But even Hezbollah supporters are largely against the war.

Israel ‘weaker than a spider’s web’
In his speech, Nasrallah tried to strike a balance: on the one hand, he expressed support for Hamas “resistance fighters” and insulted the Israeli government as “idiot” and Israel as “weaker than a spider’s web.” On the other hand, he claimed that Hezbollah, like everyone else, was surprised by “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” – Hamas’ terrorist attack on October 7.

Iran, which finances the terrorist group in Lebanon, also had no influence on Hamas’ decisions, Nasrallah said in his speech. The head of Hezbollah praised the terrorist attack. The decision to do this came “wisely, courageously and at the right time.”

“Exclusively Palestinian in nature”
Even in the first hours of the attack, it was clear that the “enemy was distracted, lost and surprised,” Nasrallah said. The attack heralded a “new historical phase of the conflict.” The operation was kept secret from the “Axis of the Resistance”. “The fact that no one knew about it proves that this fight is entirely Palestinian in nature,” Nasrallah said. Nevertheless, a victory for Hamas is also in Lebanon’s “national interest.” There were earlier suspicions that Hamas received outside support in its major attack on Israel.

“Great Devil” VS
Nasrallah accused the US of being solely responsible for the ongoing war in Gaza. Israel is merely an “executive instrument,” he said. The US is the “great devil”, the Hezbollah chief said in his first speech since the war between the radical Islamist Hamas and Israel broke out in early October.

Source: Krone


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