Corona cover – Meloni: ‘Covid-19 is not the only disease’


In addition to the renewed tightening of asylum policy, the new government in Rome, led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, is also setting new priorities in corona policy. After the abolition of the vaccination obligation for doctors and paramedics, there will soon be no more fines of 100 euros for unvaccinated Italians over 50 years old. Meloni herself stressed at the G20 summit in Indonesia: “Health and freedom go hand in hand.”

The pandemic has shown “how vulnerable our societies are to unexpected health crises”. Nevertheless, one should not give in to the slight temptation to “sacrifice the freedom of our citizens in the name of health protection”, according to the far-right politician. “Freedom and health go hand in hand. Because if you don’t have health, freedom is of no use to you. On the other hand, what is health without freedom?”

“Other emergencies may have been overlooked”
Covid-19 is not the only disease we are dealing with. “Due to the pandemic, we may have overlooked other emergencies over the past two years. We have to take care of them now,” explains the 45-year-old. Meloni mentioned in this context the Global Fund to fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, to which the government in Rome will contribute an additional €185 million.

No more fines for those who refuse to vaccinate
Italy was the first Western country to experience the outbreak of the corona pandemic and had taken drastic measures against the pandemic. The new government around Meloni abolished the vaccination obligation for paramedics two weeks ago. This will allow thousands of paramedics who defied mandatory vaccination and were suspended to return to work. The decision sparked debate.

The government also plans to abolish the €100 fine imposed in January on unvaccinated Italians over the age of 50. Many vaccine opponents, whose ticket had fluttered into the house in recent months, have refused to pay.

Source: Krone


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