Bolsonaro suffers from an illness that prevents him from wearing pants


Brazil’s acting president has an infection in one of his legs caused by a poorly healed wound and has been housebound since the election

Brazil’s acting Vice President Hamilton Mourao explained this Thursday that Jair Bolsonaro’s absence from public life since the end of the election is due to an infection in one of his legs that has left him unable to put on his pants. “It’s for a health issue. He has a leg wound, an erysipelas. You can’t put on pants, how are you going to get here in shorts?” Bolsonaro’s vice president confirmed to the newspaper “Globo” after attending an act to present the credentials of foreign ambassadors.

Erysipelas is a skin disease mainly caused by a bacteria that enters the body through small, poorly healed wounds, such as insect bites. Treatment is with antibiotics and rest.

The infection that Bolsonaro contracted would thus explain the prison sentence imposed since he lost the election to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on October 30. He has been seen very little since then, such as the day he came out to acknowledge in his own way that the election result was not as expected.

He also limited his presence on social networks, where he used to go at least once a week to give his specific informative part about his government’s actions. The last time he was seen on these platforms was on November 2 asking his followers to stop the protests and the blockades they had imposed on several highways because of Lula’s victory.

His absence had even been questioned by his allies and party colleagues, who had questioned his figure as an opposition leader, as he remained silent, secluded and visibly mourning the loss of the election.

Source: La Verdad


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