More outrageous than ever – big beggars rush to the Advent markets


Every year the beggars come with the Christmas markets. Some are very intrusive, reports of an increase in begging are piling up.

Not only the Viennese seem to look forward to the Christmas markets every year. When the first stalls open, the beggars are more frequent again – this year sometimes more outrageous than ever.

“We ordered a tree trunk for our daughter, and when the seller handed it over to us, a lady was already there and gave us a cup for the return money. She stopped there and did the same for all the other customers,” said a market visitor to “Krone “.

Another reader reports that beggars lie directly between the stalls with their dogs. Many apparently hope for extra handouts in the mulled wine blissful atmosphere. Roses are apparently also very popular in the markets this year – the messages from countless sellers are piling up anyway.

Begging annoying, but not strictly forbidden
By the way: Intrusive, aggressive or commercial begging or participating in an organized group is prohibited. It is also forbidden to take minors with you to beg – in any form whatsoever. To soften people’s hearts and increase the chance of grabbing a wallet, beggar clans also rely on animal companions with an innocent look. Dogs are often placed next to the beggars.

The situation in many Austrian cities is problematic. For example, two illegal beggar camps were recently investigated in Linz during a nocturnal grid square. In a demolished house, several beggars lived among mountains of rubbish and the detectives also found small children in the building. The emergency services also found what they were looking for in a second company building and found several Eastern Europeans in one company building. They also lived there under the most unfavorable conditions.

Source: Krone


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