Pepper spray sprayed – classmates had to go to the hospital


Pepper spray sprayed – classmates had to go to the hospital

Several ambulances had to rush to a secondary school in Klagenfurt on Tuesday morning. A student sprayed pepper spray. Some classmates had to be taken to the hospital.

“A 14-year-old student sprayed pepper spray into the air and some students ran through the spray,” said Kristina Kapellari of the police press service. Eight youths developed redness in their eyes and had to be taken to hospital by the emergency services for clarification.

Found pepper spray
“The student stated that he found pepper spray,” Kapellari explains in an interview with “Krone”. The police assume that the 14-year-old did not knowingly want to hurt his classmates.

“The situation has now calmed down again,” education director Isabella Penz said Tuesday afternoon of the “Krone”. The irritating gas was sprayed into the hallway of the school. A teacher noticed the incident and raised the alarm. “The school then aired for about an hour. All students present have now been taken to the gymnasium, so that they do not have to sit in the cold classrooms,” says Penz. After that, the lessons could continue as usual. “The most important thing is that all students and teachers are doing well,” says the education director relieved.

The exact circumstances are still being determined by the police.

Source: Krone


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