LGBTQ Bar Strike – Lawyers: Sagittarius is a non-binary person


After the attack on an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs in the US state of Colorado in which five people died, the first details about the arrested suspect have now become known. As his lawyers announced ahead of a first court hearing on Wednesday, the 22-year-old describes himself as a non-binary person, meaning he does not clearly identify as male or female. However, this representation is questioned in the LGBTQ community. Rather, a defensive strategy is suspected behind it.

So far, the young man, who is in custody, has remained silent about his crime. He was connected via video at a first short court hearing on Wednesday. The suspect was in prison wearing orange prison clothes and spoke only to confirm his name and to let it be known that he was aware of his rights. His lawyers had previously informed the court in writing about his non-binary gender identity. The injuries inflicted on the man by local guests during his capture were clearly visible (see tweet below).

American media also reported that the suspect had a difficult childhood. His parents are said to have divorced when he was two years old. Both parents had drug problems. As a teenager, the now 22-year-old took on a new name.

Father: ‘There are no gays among the Mormons’
The suspect’s father, who says he was a former porn actor and is now a martial arts coach, told CBS he “praised” his son for violent behavior. “I told him it worked,” he said. The father openly admitted to the New York Times that he had also expressed his strong aversion to homosexuals to his son. He said on CBS, “There are no gays in the Mormon church.”

Doubts about the representation of the lawyers
A friend of one of the victims, who was among the numerous guests at Club Q on Saturday when a drag queen show was held to celebrate the memorial day for the “victims of transphobia”, expressed her doubts in an interview with the CNN news channel. expression. “That’s ridiculous. That’s hurtful. If you look at his pictures, it’s obvious he’s a man.” “Besides, why would a non-binary person attack a place where you can feel safe?” asked the non-binary woman.

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