This is the new date for the La MODA concerts in Murcia after the cancellation


The Burgos band moves its performances to the Teatro Circo after health problems of one of its members

FASHION fans can now breathe easy. The Burgos band has announced new dates for their concerts at the Teatro Circo de Murcia after having to cancel the scheduled dates.

The Wonderful Orchestra of Alcohol should have performed in the Region on November 11 and 12. However, when the group was on their way, they had to make a stopover to go to the ER due to health problems of one of the members.

Through their social networks, they informed their followers that the concerts had to be canceled: «It hurts our souls to have to postpone the concerts, because we are very aware of the inconvenience this causes for the people who would come to see us . Our apologies from the bottom of our hearts and you know that this is not usual in the more than 500 concerts we have given, but there is nothing to do but rest and recover ».

As warned, the new dates of the La MODA concerts will be moved to 2023. The group ‘Heroes of Saturday Night’ will play this Saturday, May 27 at the Teatro Circo. This will take place in two performances: one at 6.30 pm and one at 10 pm.

“We made every effort to move the two concerts as quickly as possible, but finding two free dates between the Theater and us was complicated,” they explained on their social networks.

People who had tickets for the November dates will automatically receive a refund. So if you want to attend one of the two passes on May 27, you will have to buy the tickets again.

Tickets are already available on their website. “We are very sorry for the changes in plans and the inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for understanding and love. ️See you soon!”.

Source: La Verdad


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