They are suing Donald Trump for a sexual assault committed in the 1990s


The victim filed another lawsuit against the tycoon for defamation in 2019

Demands are piling up for former US President Donald Trump after journalist Elizabeth Jean Carroll sued him this Thursday for assault for a 1990s event that took place in the fitting rooms of a New York store in what the complainant claims was the tycoon. sexually assaulted her. The lawsuit was filed on the same day New York passed a law that nullified the one-year statute of limitations for reporting such crimes of a sexual nature.

It is not Carroll’s first lawsuit against the tycoon, as a lawsuit has been pending in a Manhattan court since 2019 accusing him of libel after the former president not only denied the facts of the alleged assault, but also who also tried to make fun of her. For this defamation case, Trump already declared in October, claiming it is nothing more than “a witch hunt” against him, as well as an advertising strategy by Carroll to get more copies of his book ‘What do we need men for?’ to sell. , in which he narrates that episode.

On this occasion, the lawsuit contains a new one for libel after Trump pushed for the latter after testifying on social networks under oath that Carroll “does not speak the truth” and that this alleged assault never happened because “this woman did not tell the truth “. My type.” Carroll’s complaint, however, alleges that some 27 years ago, a chat between her and Trump about trying on lingerie when they met at an upscale department store on New York’s Fifth Avenue “took a dark turn” when he “forced her against the locker room wall, pinned her down and raped her.”

Thanks to his time in the White House, Trump has repeatedly succeeded in deferring the defamation suit, as he claimed that the president of the United States cannot be prosecuted in the exercise of his functions if the facts relate to his position. In September, a federal appeals court ruled in part in his favor, ruling that he was under legal protection. However, that same court asked its highest instance, the District Court of Columbia, to decide whether those comments were protected. Now Carroll’s new lawsuit is based on statements, similar to those made a month ago on his social networks, so that he could not take advantage of this legal protection since he is no longer president of the country.

This new setback adds to the long list of legal problems Trump will face as he tries to reach the White House again. Before him is an investigation into the misuse of confidential documentation, another into pressure in Georgia to find evidence to support his theories of voter fraud, tax fraud in the Trump Organization, and the case of his responsibility in the September 6 uprising. . the capital.

Source: La Verdad


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