Mother on Inflation – ‘If it continues like this, I’ll need two jobs soon’


Mother on Inflation – ‘If it continues like this, I’ll need two jobs soon’

As a single parent with four children, Daria is Ö. come back to life from below. Rising prices are once again putting the family in serious trouble. But the strong woman does not hang her head.

The story of Daria O. is encouraging. But it shows how many families live on the border. A single mother of four, the 37-year-old fought her way back to life from the bottom up. “I was a technical draftsman abroad. After my husband’s divorce, the children and I returned to our hometown of Vienna in 2019. We had nothing. Fortunately, we found shelter in the Caritas Haus Luise,” she says.

Good education for children has top priority
Living with four school children, three of whom are in their teens, in a small space is a challenge. Daria remained optimistic, took a new job, worked her way up to delicatessen manager in the supermarket: “I really ‘beaten’ for the children. I give up everything for myself”, she wants to provide them with a good education. The eldest daughter will soon be graduating from high school and want to study physics.

It’s getting tighter
The family now rents an apartment in Penzing. Daria finances everything herself, there is no support from the father of the child. “It’s incredibly close. Hard to maintain as a sole proprietor. Rent, gas, food, clothes and school supplies. I thought about getting a second job. If it continues like this, I have no other choice. But how does that work? “

After all, Baby Tuana is only nine. She has modest wishes: “I love it when Mommy cooks Schnitzel for us!”

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