Three doses obligatory – Italy: 2 million unvaccinated people have to pay a fine


1.9 million unvaccinated Italians must pay fines from Thursday. Affected are unvaccinated citizens over the age of 50, as well as the staff of some professions for whom vaccination against the coronavirus has been requested in recent months, including paramedics, educators and security forces.

The six-month period for unvaccinated people to justify not vaccinating came to an end on Wednesday. Many said they contracted the coronavirus between January and June 15, the day 50-year-olds were vaccinated.

Anyone who cannot explain why he has not been vaccinated three times must now pay a fine of 100 euros. The regions with the most unvaccinated people compared to the total population are the neighboring region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Carinthia, the Apennines in Abruzzo and Calabria in southern Italy, Italian media reported.

Meloni promised easing
The Italian government around the right-wing politician Giorgia Meloni abolished the vaccination obligation for paramedics in October. Rumors that she wants to lift the €100 fine have not yet been confirmed. In tackling the corona pandemic, Meloni has set new priorities compared to the previous government around Mario Draghi and promised that there will be no further restrictions, even if the number of corona infections is increasing again.

Few vaccine opponents demonstrated in Rome
The constitutional court in Rome will decide today, Thursday, on the legality of the vaccination obligation introduced by the previous government and the suspension of work and salary for those who did not comply. Opponents of vaccination demonstrated on Wednesday in the name of freedom of self-determination before the Constitutional Court.

About 50 people, who came from all over Italy, took part in a sit-in with posters and Italian flags. Among them were also people who said they had suffered serious damage to their health as a result of the corona vaccination.

Source: Krone


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