Regulations bizarre – no more mouth caps in the shopping center? Not even close!


No regulation without weirdness: Starting tomorrow, Saturday, there will be no more mask requirement in non-essential trade (e.g. fashion, electronics, furniture, etc.). Nothing stands in the way of an unmasked, carefree shopping tour. one would think so.

Because the mask must still be worn in shopping centers – but only in the aisles: If there is a pharmacy or grocery store in the building (i.e. a place where FFP2 is still required), a mask must also be worn in adjacent buildings.

You can then take them off at a shoe or clothing store.

The Ministry of Health replied in writing to Krone’s request whether this was really intended and was serious: “Yes. In the shopping center where there is a pharmacy or grocery store, you must wear a mask, which you can then take off if, for example, you going to H&M.”

The same scheme was already in place in March, when several shopping center operators drew attention to the absurdity and called on politicians to correct it – without success.

New rules from midnight
The general obligation to wear face masks indoors falls – as we know since yesterday – today at midnight. However, the other exceptions are also far-reaching: in the essential trade (besides food stores, pharmacies, drugstores, gas stations, car workshops, banks, tobacconists), the FFP2 masks remain at the top in the new regulation, which is valid until 8 July . The same goes for public transport – there is only one recommendation for cable cars.

Source: Krone


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