Impeachment looms – Peru’s President Castillo dissolves parliament


Peruvian President Pedro Castillo dissolved parliament just hours before a debate over his impeachment. He is in the process of “temporarily dissolving Congress” and setting up “an emergency extraordinary government” to rule by decree, the controversial leftist leader said in a televised address on Wednesday. Castillo announced that he would convene a new Congress “as soon as possible.” This in order to draw up a new constitution within a maximum of nine months.

The judicial system, including the Constitutional Court, will also be “restructured,” Castillo said. “Congress has destroyed the rule of law, democracy and the balance of state powers,” Castillo justified himself. He also imposed a nationwide curfew.

This is the third impeachment motion since taking office
The impeachment motion against Castillo scheduled for Wednesday in the conservative-dominated Congress is the third since taking office in July 2021. At the end of November, the president appointed the fifth prime minister within 16 months. Several investigations and a constitutional complaint are now pending against Castillo on charges of corruption, involvement in organized crime and obstruction of justice.

Source: Krone


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