Interview with the Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the Mondragon Corporation Leire Mugerza in Euskadi Irratia


Given the tie-breaking votes both Ulma and Orona have this week, the Chairman of the Corporation’s Standing Committee assures that both groups have not specified the reasons for their departure and affirms that if they leave, “the relationship will be the same as we have with other companies.

Euskaraz irakurri: Mugerza (Mondragon Korporazioa): “Moztu egingo da elkarlana, ez da gauza bera barruan ala kanpoan egotea”

The Chairman of the Standing Committee of Mondragon Corporation, Leire Mugerzahas assured that if Ulma and Orona finally decide to leave the company – they will vote on Friday – more than the economic damage, the main consequence for the cooperative group will be “that those who have shared our home will leave. We have done many things together, and now that common work will be broken. It’s not the same to be indoors or outdoors“, he warned.

Interviewed about Euskadi Irratia’s “Faktoria” program in this decisive week, Mugerza explained that the Corporation found out about Ulma and Orona’s intentions “through the press”. According to him, “there was another way to do it, to do it right, together, despite fundamental divisions.” He also regrets that they still don’t know why both groups are considering leaving the company. As he has clarified, when both proposed to become an “agreed cooperative” in June, “we didn’t go into the substance, but we asked them the reasons, they didn’t give them to us.” In addition, the proximity to the annual convention meant that “haste” had to be acted upon, to which the Mondragon Corporation responded that what they were proposing was “a change of identity, that they were proposing another Mondragón”.

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Source: EITB


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