“Acute mortal danger” – place cut off from the outside world after a rockfall


Masses of rock fell down on Thursday morning in Maria Rain in Carinthia, severely damaging a road. 30 households are cut off from the outside world. The dangerous situation in the affected area is acute!

The rock masses should break free from the Hemmafelsen in Maria Rain between 7:30 am and 8:30 am on Thursday and then thunder over Guntschacher Straße with full force. “About 100 cubic meters of rock broke off between the villages of Oberguntschach and Unterguntschach and severely damaged the roadway over a length of about 15 meters,” said Thomas Schurian, head of the Maria Rain municipality. The street was completely closed.

Rescue only possible by air
30 households with a total of 50 people are currently cut off from the outside world. “At the moment, those affected could only be reached from Glainach via the Drau, ie the waterway. We have already informed the Red Cross and the ambulance that in an emergency, action can only be taken by plane,” Schurian said.

There is danger to life
According to state geologists who surveyed the affected area, the interaction between frost at night and the sun during the day, which begins to thaw, is responsible for the collapse of the rock masses. “A bigger rockfall could happen again at any time. Even now boulders are constantly falling down. There is currently an acute danger to life on this route!”, warns the municipality.

It is currently unclear how long Guntschacher Straße will have to remain closed. “But we expect at least four to eight weeks, but probably longer. The damage done is enormous,” says the head of the agency.

School bus happened before
Miraculously, no one was injured when the stones fell. “A school bus just drove by. To be sure, the crash area was also flown over with a drone to locate buried cars,” says Schurian.

Source: Krone


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