Low pay – What’s left of the government’s health care bonus


“Heroes of the crisis” feel completely abandoned by politicians. The employees have gone to extremes, both physically and mentally. There is finally a plea for better preconditions for informal carers.

The anger about the health care allowance does not ebb away. As reported, the federal government has promised the nursing staff a bonus of 2000 euros. But only part of it really reaches those affected, criticize vida state chairman Erich Mauersics and ÖGB women’s chairman Bianca Graf, who is also a member of the works council at Oberwart hospital.

Little pay
In fact, there was about 1580 euros on the pay slip, if you would calculate the deductions, the employees would only receive 1100 euros. Anyone who buys or fills up with it pays VAT and CO2 tax again. The state will receive about 1200 euros back.

On your own limits
Mauersics and Graf agree that valuation looks different. Part of those affected who retire this year would completely fall over for the bonus. Midwives and auxiliary professions are completely excluded. For Mauersics, this is a mockery of a profession that has pushed itself to the limit in the course of the corona pandemic, working countless hours of overtime and even being mistreated.

There is already a lack of clout in the industry. The work is tiring and often stressful, but at the same time the responsibility is very high. Many would give up on the idea or at least play with it, says Graf. Some would do the training and drop out after facing the harsh reality. “That was the case before corona, but it has become worse due to the pandemic.”

bonus requested
Not only is a care allowance worthy of the name needed, but also a salary increase and better working conditions. The federal government could take action here, for example by changing the care key and making more staff available. “Because if the preconditions are right, it can be a very nice job,” explains the ÖGB woman president.

Hoping for ongoing salary negotiations
There is at least one positive prospect: in the current salary negotiations with the state, it can be assumed that the conclusion will be better than at the federal level, Graf is confident. In Burgenland, a total of 4,488 people work in healthcare, more than three-quarters of whom are women.

Source: Krone


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