Vienna New Year’s concert – caught by the police: here the climate stickers cry


Before the traditional New Year’s concert in the Wiener Musikverein, there should be a disruptive action by climate activists. However, the demonstrators were recognized and stopped by police officers – there was no protest. Four of the climate stickers speak in a video.

The six activists, two men and four women, have Austrian and German nationalities between the ages of 26 and 67.

“We are now here in the prisoner transport,” said a male activist seen in the video with three women. “We have just been intercepted by the police. In fact, six people have been detained by the Viennese police and the State Security and Intelligence Directorate, two of them in the hall. Administrative charges have been filed.

“They refuse to act. The world is ending and they refuse to do anything,” one of his co-campaigners cried into the camera. “And instead they lock us up,” she adds comfortedly.

“We must act now or is it too late!”
“You can try to silence us,” said a blonde woman, “but the climate crisis will still hit us with all its might.” “We have two years left. We must act now or is it too late!” the man begged.

Demonstrators were already inside the building
The activists of the last generation wanted to draw attention to climate change and unfurled a banner warning “Two more years”. They also had glue with them, the action was probably planned during the break. According to a spokeswoman, the demonstrators were in the building and even on chairs.

New Year’s concert ‘wrong place for protest’
“The consistent and professional intervention allowed the New Year’s Concert, a world-class cultural event, to take place as planned,” said Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) of the executive’s successful intervention. The Wiener Philharmoniker also thanked them for their “great commitment”. It could happen that the concert, which stands for ‘connection, hope and peace’, was disrupted. Even if, of course, you share the goals for climate protection. But the New Year’s concert would have been “the wrong place for a protest”.

Source: Krone


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