Head-on crash in Tyrol – fears for a three-year-old boy after the accidental death of his mother


After the terrible accident on Pass-Thurn-Strasse in Jochberg (Kitzbühel in Tyrol), in which a 34-year-old died, her three-year-old son is in mortal danger. For the family of the deceased, it is not the first heavy blow of fate.

It should have been a nice trip for the mother (34) from Matrei in Osttirol and her two five- and three-year-old children, but the trip over the Thurn Pass ended Wednesday morning, as reported, in a tragic accident: a head-on collision hit the 34-year-old so badly injured in an oncoming minibus that she died in hospital in the afternoon. The East Tyrolean had switched to the other lane because a 29-year-old driver had braked in front of her and she was unable to stop in time.

Boy in intensive care: ‘Condition is critical’
The five-year-old girl and her two-year-old brother were seriously injured in the head-on collision. According to Markus Krenn, commander of the Kitzbühel Red Cross, the boy’s condition is particularly critical: “He suffered serious head injuries and had to be resuscitated,” says the operations manager. The Innsbruck clinic, where the three-year-old is being treated in intensive care, was said on Thursday that his condition is stable but still critical.

The two German occupants of the oncoming car (57 and 58) and the driver of the third vehicle were also injured and taken to hospital.

Another family member also passed away
According to Markus Krenn, a crisis intervention team went to work at the scene of the accident and cared for the five-year-old girl. A team is also on duty in East Tyrol to care for the next of kin. It is not the first time that disaster strikes in the family: some time ago, the brother of the deceased had a fatal accident.

Now the 34-year-old has been taken from life. There is dismay in her hometown of Matrei. Many knew the woman because she worked as a school teacher in a neighboring community. Together with her two small children, she actually wanted to take a trip to an indoor playground in Kirchdorf in North Tyrol on Wednesday. “The children were everything to her,” says rescue chief Krenn of the deceased, “if you saw them, then always with them.”

Source: Krone


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