What was wanted? – Burglars came after the dealer’s house had been searched


Officials seized 5.5 kilograms of cannabis from a dealer in Carinthia. Apparently that wasn’t all. Because the police had just left the house when strangers took a look.

Kripo agents of the police command of the city of Villach had already found the trail of the alleged dealer in December. A day before Christmas Eve – as reported in detail – a major house search took place.

Police officers managed to secure 5.5 kilos of cannabis worth 65,000 euros and weapons including ammunition and doping substances in the house – the 43-year-old still lives with his mother.

Been behind bars since Christmas
The drug dealer was immediately arrested. He has been behind bars in prison since Christmas. But while the detectives certainly rocked the 43-year-old’s home, they may not have found everything the dealer had hidden. As has only now become known, there was a break-in a few hours after the police had searched the house.

searched the entire apartment
Unknown perpetrators violently smashed two wooden doors and looted the building. According to the police, it is not known whether the strangers stole anything.

It cannot be ruled out that the burglars are even accomplices of the arrested 43-year-old and were looking for narcotics that were still hidden in the apartment building. The investigation in this case is still ongoing.

Source: Krone


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