More than 170,000 euros – woman cheated on benefits for years


A 38-year-old woman used a lie to swindle social benefits of 170,000 euros. After an alleged assault on her son, she applied for healthcare allowance and increased child support.

A fraudster from the district of Neunkirchen seasoned her ‘soup of lies’ with a good dose of cold-heartedness, criminal energy, ingenuity and a good pinch of brutality. In order to receive unjustified social benefits, she made her own child a supposed caretaker. Because after an alleged serious sexual abuse by a counselor of her four-year-old son, he has been struggling with serious psychological and physical problems for years.

The little one cannot eat or sleep alone and needs 24-hour care. In return, the woman applied for care allowance, increased child benefit and other social benefits.

All fake
In total, the 38-year-old stole more than 170,000 euros in this way. But as it turned out, both the sexual abuse and its consequences were fictional. During the investigation, the whole truth came to light. Because now the son not only entered a higher school, but also actively played in the selection of a sports club. He should not have noticed his mother’s fraudulent activities.

The woman was sentenced to 24 months in prison for serious commercial fraud and defamation.

Source: Krone


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