No extension – border controls to Slovakia are ended again


Checks at the border between Austria and Slovakia will end again on Monday. Instead, controls in the border area will continue in coordination with the neighboring country, the APA’s Home Affairs Department announced. The reason for the change of strategy is that the Czech Republic is also ending controls at the border with Slovakia.

Austria had always challenged border controls with the approach to Prague, with which they wanted to act in unison. With the measure taken at the end of September, the Czech Republic responded to the increase in illegal migration. The controls were argued with a better fight against smugglers.

Slovakia could not understand the procedure. According to the Interior Ministry, 24 people smugglers operating from Slovakia have been arrested since the end of September last year.

Monitor the situation closely with key actions
In Austria they now want to pay more attention to the border areas with controls. Appropriate deployment is specifically planned in the districts of Gänserndorf, Bruck/Leitha and in the Kittsee area. Priority actions are planned, as well as mixed patrols and drone operations. Interior Minister Gerhard Karner believes that this approach will allow you to closely monitor the development of the situation and – if necessary – react quickly.

Source: Krone


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