Hours of lock – truck with apples overturned on the highway in Tyrol


On the night of Saturday, a truck with a trailer overturned on the Brennerautobahn not far from the Bergisel tunnel near Innsbruck. The motorway therefore had to be closed in the direction of Arlberg. The rescue operation proved to be difficult. 20 tons of apples had to be transhipped.

A Romanian (43) wanted to continue driving his truck in the Oberland/Unterland towards Bregenz shortly before 1 a.m. on Saturday when he apparently noticed too late that the lane to Kufstein had changed. The truck driver tried to turn the 1,000 ton truck around, but ended up on a green lane and overturned. Soon a traffic jam arose for kilometers because the Brennerautobahn in the direction of Arlberg had to be closed. Tons of apples had to be loaded onto another truck, some by hand, before the trailer truck could begin its recovery work.

Driver was injured
The Romanian truck driver was slightly injured in the accident and had to be treated on an outpatient basis at the Innsbruck clinic. “While the freight was being reloaded and the vehicle was being recovered, traffic had to be diverted over a large area and the A 13 towards Bregenz was closed until 11:30 am,” the police said. Among others, the Innsbruck professional fire brigade with 13 men and the Wilten voluntary fire brigade with ten men were deployed.

Source: Krone


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